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D'Abreau Foundation founder, Brownie Isabella (DaBreo) D'Abreau, (St. D'Abreau) was born 17 February 1901 in Carriacou, Grenada, West Indies. At only 10 she began ministering to the sick and poor with Fr. Clark and Fr Fields, later Bishop Fields on his home visitations. Although never formally educated, she taught herself to read and write, and trained herself in bookkeeping. She administered a Cocoa plantation in Grenada. In her mid-twenties she married David (DaBreo) D'Abreau and bore two boys and three girls. Despite her commitments, she attended daily Mass and visited the sick and poor.
She moved to Trinidad with her children in 1944, and times were not easy. England was involved in World War II, so Trinidad was affected. During these difficult times, she continued her simple life of pure love and giving. "Saint D'Abreau," as she was affectionately called, devoted herself to relieving the suffering of the physically and spiritually ill, both in hospitals and their homes. 

All the while, she raised her children with the love of God. When ever confronted with a negative situation, she would simply say, "God Is Love."

She was always sensitive to the lack of opportunity for children born into poverty. She felt that with the right assistance, these people could develop, and achieve self-sufficiency and self-worth. For that reason, D'Abreau Foundation concentrates fund raising for educational resources.

Named Trinidad's "International Woman of the Year" in 1974, St. D'Abreau pioneered modern service methods for both lay and clergy workers. In 1980, she received the "Silver Hummingbird Medal" from Trinidad's President, Ellis Clarke, in appreciation for her many humanitarian contributions to her country. ln 1987, she was awarded the "Certificate of Merit" recognizing her outstanding performance in the field of Social Work from Arima United Sporting Organization.

St. D'Abreau suffered a disabling stroke in February 1991, the day after her 90th birthday. She never regained consciousness, and died Friday, September 13 1991. She was buried in Arima, Trinidad.
Humming Bird Medal Awarded by President Ellis Clark of Trinidad and Tobago.

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